Why should you follow guided meditations if you are stressed and cannot sleep?

     If you are stressed, do not seem to be able to feel relaxed, and are even having trouble sleeping, then following an online guided meditation could solve all your problems.  

What are guided meditations? -- These are meditations that you will find in video form on the Internet. They are usually done by a licensed meditation therapist who walks you through an entire meditation while you participate in it.

All you do to use them is choose the guided meditation you are interested on, get comfortable in your usual meditation position, and then hit 'Play'. Then follow along as the meditation therapist speaks to you.  

Why should you follow guided meditations? -- Meditation is being shown to help relieve stress, get rid of anxiety and help you sleep better. A guided meditation works even better, as the person who is leading it often has a calming, relaxing voice that causes you to de-stress even faster.

They are also a great way to get into meditation as they walk you through how a typical meditation should go.

Where can you find guided meditations? -- There are many places currently offering them online.

Start with a look at some of the meditation websites, as these are usually the places where you will find the best meditation therapists.

Then look at places like Vimeo, YouTube and Daily Motion, as all these video sites have meditation practitioners that offer guided meditations.

Finding the best guided meditations for you -- Try a few different practitioners' videos to see which ones you like the best. All of them are different, and every person runs their guided meditations a different way. Some will fit with you perfectly, and others you will find annoying or stressful. That is why you should test out a few before staying with just one.