A 5 Minutes Meditation Guide (Body Scan)

     A 5 minutes' mindful meditation practice can help ease your body, unwind and focus your awareness as well as your mind. 

Full Body Scan Meditation

     The body scan is purposed to establish an active awareness of your body. It also helps alleviate tension, decrease body aches, and improve circulation and general well-being. A body scan entails bringing your full attention and just feeling each part of your body. 

Here are some instructions to follow for the brief but potent body scan meditation practice, that will no doubt help in improving the quality of your life.

1. Sit, stand or lie down in a comfortable position, on the floor or chair. 

2. You may close your eyes if you like, bring your awareness to the parts of the body in contact with the surface and feel the weight of your body.

3. Draw in air into your lungs to revitalize your senses. As you breath out, let go of all cares and thoughts. Immerse yourself into the moment .

4. Feel the sensations in all the points of contact with the ground, seat or bed.  

5. Tune into your head, notice all the sensations that are present but don't think about how it feels.

6. Move downwards; observe your face, jaw, temples, try to soften them. Tune in to your shoulders, hands, stomach, and back and if you feel a tension in any of those body parts, draw a deep breath and exhale to relax.

7. As you complete the scan by reaching your feet, be aware of your whole body, as much as you can. Take one more breath. Notice the difference in your body. You may experience a sensation you hadn't noticed before brought to your attention, a sense of wholeness or just a sense of being aware, present and more attentive.

For more, please check guided meditations.