Info on Guided Meditation

Contrary to what many people believe mediation is not just for those who can devote their lives to it and being peaceful. Meditation is for anyone searching for a clearer, more focused mind, and an open heart free of stress. It doesn’t take hours a day to achieve good mediation for those with a busy schedule. Metta mediation is a form of mediation in which you slow down and open your heart to be calm. This form of mediation is to help people be calmer, and kinder in their lives. Metta Meditation can be done anywhere at any time but for those who are nervous about it there are guided meditations to help one adjust to this type of lifestyle. Guided meditation is when you have someone guiding you through the breathing and other parts of the meditation. This can be done either online or in a class; for those that want help getting started with this guided meditation is great. The instructor usually has you in a quiet place where lights are dim and distractions are low. From there the instructor tells you what to do all the way down to how often to breathe.

Although people can do basic meditation on their own this guide helps people get adjusted to the type of deep breathing, and concentration that allows them to truly open up your heart to allow yourself to be calmer and project that out to the world when the mediation is over. After you are used to the guide then it is time to take that practice out to the world with you as it can be done wherever you are and you will have to adjust to not being able to have everything perfect around you when you feel you need to relax and meditate for a minute.